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The center of the village is split into half by an river flowing from a mighty waterfall.

The Beginings:

The Kingdom of Lehmos was once nothing more but a small village with a corrupt mayor, that is untill Deyvn Lehmos, a man of true ambition had applied for the function. The villagers were more then happy to have him as their representative. In a period of fifty (human) years he had changed alot, the economy, the looks, even the villagers seemed to be more joyful. He decided that the village is no longer a village, nor a city.. he decided to go further so he named his kingdom, the Kingdom of Lehmos, for obvious reasons, he became a king but as any powerful king he needed a queen, a queen that can stand beside him in any times, a queen that would offer him two children, so he had meet Lemana, the beautiful woman that gave him that and more.

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The barracks.

Bittersweet Downfall:

It is said that every tale has an ending, well this was it for our kingdom.. or at least the end to the life they residents lived so far. An enemy arised, one the king was not yet ready to clash with, Rune Dwarves, aparentlly they were into a slumber state untill then, the moment when the king wanted to build a theatre, that required expanding the city a little. Once the workers started digging for the foundation they've hit a cave system, then chaos erupted. Rune Dwarves were swarming out of the crack created, attacking everyone in sight and destroying everything that stood in their way, the guards were already outnumbered by the dwarves, the king had to ready the military only to see that their swords would not even scratch the dwarves but magic seemed to have quite devastating effects, that is when Azaza, the archmage was called out. Seeing as once the big runes on the dwarves chests are affected they simply collapse on the ground she and her adepts made a plan to disrupt the runic energy with the help of a barrier. The royal guards stood tall, surrounding the dwarves and fighting at their best to keep them inside the circle as Azaza and the mages were channeling the spell. Everyone held their heads high untill the spell was casted, as expected the dwarves collapsed but was this the start of something greater?

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The mighty but soothing waterfall.

After ten years:

Ten years have passed and the economy was fully restored due to the generosity of some dwarves that called themselves "Runelords", they've paid well for the iron bodies as they believe it makes the best weapons and armor, we've learned more about our attackers even though we didn't have any problems with them so far, aparentlly the rune iron is powerful but addicting and the rune dwarves are actually Runelords fallen into a deep addiction, we are still waiting in full alert, though, who knows what the future is going to give us?