Rikudo 'Tobi' SenninEdit


Rikudo Sennin(Unknown), Tobi (known name)
Represents Tobi as he is a mystery.
Vital statistics
Title The Endless (Unknown), Tobi
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Kingdom of Lehmos, Alliance, P.H(Unknown)
Health Age: The People thinks he is 60-70,

Real Age: Unknown

Level N/A
Status Alive
Location Kingdom of Lehmos

Rikudo Sennin is the real name of the one known as Tobi. He has not revealed this to anyone, not even to his closest friends. Tobi is known to be one of the few elders in the Kingdom, aswell as one of the wisest. It is yet to see what he is to become.

Tobi is an old man which was born in the Village, which is now called the Kingdom of Lehmos. He lived there in great tradegy and dissapointment, so he left when he was 8 years old, ran away from home. His parents later the same night noticed that he was gone and began their search, they left the village in fear for what could've happend to their little boy. The parents, however, never returned that night, rumors said that they were slaughtered by orcs, others say they live happily in Stormwind, but nobody really knows. Tobi, later returned after 50 years to the same old village, there he lived once more for another 10 years before something happend. During Tobi's 60's, a man known as Deyvn Lehmos stepped forth to take place as the new Mayor, later to become the king. Tobi now felt that a great time would come for this village, a real good upgrade for once!

Tobi acts kindly aswell as helpful to everybody, but nobody really know who he is and where he's from. He seems to know more then anybody imagined. Mysteries surrounds this old man who's lived in the former village, now kingdom for so long. The Kingdom of Lehmos is now over 60 years old, however, this kingdom was created during Tobi's 60's and yet he is alive and well...